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7 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate: Baby is a Blueberry

7 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate. What I'm learning about this week, my action items to prepare for baby, my favorite maternity and baby finds of the week. #firsttrimester #7weekspregnant How to cure and get rid of morning sickness, How and when to announce your pregnancy to parents and family, gifts to give grandparents-to-be, starting a baby library, book a dentist appointment while pregnant

This week’s 7 week’s pregnant update:

Morning sickness is in full swing at 7 weeks pregnant. I thought last week was bad but it is nothing compared to the 24/7 nausea I now have. Everything I read tells me it usually ends around week 13, which is great that it ends but week 13 is a long time away.

No bump yet! I am so anxious and impatient; I want to see it change!

Recap of last week:

Last week at 6 weeks pregnant I started writing down all of my questions to prep for my first appointment next week. I also focused on overhauling my skincare and makeup products to avoid harmful chemicals. And let me tell you I am in love with my new foundation from Lux Liquid. I am also really liking the face wash I got from Burt Bee’s. So, overall I am happy with the change especially since I now know that I am only using safe good for me and baby products.

What am I learning about this week?

Because I am so sick, my energy was spent on learning different ways to cure my morning sickness. I even ended up calling my practice asking for advice. I just couldn’t wait until my first appointment. So, what am I doing that is helping?

First, I grabbed some seasick acupressure wristband and I do think they are helping. When I take them off, I feel an immediate wave of nausea so I think I will wear them. They can’t hurt.

I have also switched to very small bland meals every two hours. If I go too long, then I start to feel sick. If I eat too much, then I start to feel sick. It seems the trick is always keeping my stomach a little full.

I always have crackers with me. I eat toast, plain noodles, plain rice. Surprisingly, I have found that trail mix has worked pretty well. It is able to help keep me full without making me feel awful.

Water is an absolute no, I just can’t stomach it, so I am sticking to red Gatorade, Sprite, and ginger ale. I have never liked ginger ale but right now it tastes really good. Go figure. I am also able to do broth. I grabbed some bone broth, which is really good for you.

Frozen is also great. I can eat strawberry and lemon popsicles. Italian ice is also really good.

When I called they said to try Unisom and Vitamin B6. They are both over the counter. As always check with your provider on if this is a good idea for you and how much to take of each. But, honestly, this has made the biggest difference. The morning sickness was disrupting my sleep and not getting enough sleep makes morning sickness much worse.

I also really like these tummy drops and peppermint gum is also helping. So I also keep both of these with me at all times.

I have also started carrying around toothbrush and toothpaste in my bag. If something leaves a bad taste or I puke, then these are an absolute necessity, especially since dental health is so important during pregnancy.

I am staying on the prenatal pill but taking it before bed instead of in the morning and I think that also helps.

What are my action items this week?

My first action item is to make sure I have a dentist appointment while pregnant. Pregnancy can result in extra dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay due to the increased hormones. Therefore you will want to be sure to get a good cleaning done while pregnant. Be sure to tell them though that you are pregnant, so they know what is safe and not safe for your appointment.

Speaking of teeth, I read something that is pretty important if you are puking a lot from morning sickness. If you brush your teeth right after puking, then you are brushing your teeth with acid. You absolutely must rinse your mouth with water a few times before brushing your teeth. This will help to remove the acid from the puke off your teeth before you brush.

The other action item we have this week is to start talking about when and how we want to announce our pregnancy to parents and family. We wanted to hold off till week 13 when the risk of a miscarriage has decreased and hopefully we can still do that, as long as I can get this morning sickness under control.

We also thought it would be more memorable and more fun to share the big news during a holiday. It is easier to get everyone together without suspicion. I also like how creative you can be such as a Christmas ornament for the grandparents or a pregnant Halloween costume. Our timeline of when we want to share doesn’t fit well with a holiday, but my mom’s birthday is around the 13-week mark so we will wait to share with my side till then. We will then share with my other half’s side sometime that same week.

I still have to figure out how we plan on sharing, such as a fun gift to give.

My favorite maternity find this week:

My favorite pregnancy find this week is the gift we plan on giving to the grandparents-to-be. I am really excited to announce our pregnancy to our parents and family. At first, I wanted to give them a onesie. However, I then decided that babies grow so fast and I wanted a gift that would last. I then realized what I wanted was a gift that one day they could use to spend time with their grandchild.

So I decided on getting them a kid book. I found these, How to Babysit a Grandma and How the Babysit a Grandad, and really like them. They are hilarious. There is a 3rd version called How to babysit a grandma and a grandpa if you just want to get them one book. I can’t wait for them to actually read with their future grandbaby. I am going to suggest they write a personalized note to baby in the front cover before baby is born with the date.

I might also get them a grandparent coffee mug because I just think every grandparent needs one. Maybe I’ll save that one though for when I have a toddler and can put pictures and handprints on the mug. 

My favorite baby find this week:

During my search for the perfect grandparent book, I found the most beautiful book for baby. It is called On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman. It almost made me cry. It is the first book now in my baby’s library and I plan on reading it every night for bedtime.

I am hoping to have a good library going by the time baby arrives, so I am going to ask my shower host to tell people to bring a book instead of a card to the shower. They can write a note in the front cover making each book have an extra special meaning to it.

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7 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate. What I'm learning about this week, my action items to prepare for baby, my favorite maternity and baby finds of the week. #firsttrimester #7weekspregnant How to cure and get rid of morning sickness, How and when to announce your pregnancy to parents and family, gifts to give grandparents-to-be, starting a baby library, book a dentist appointment while pregnant. Seven weeks pregnant baby bump.


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