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6 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate: Baby Is A Sweet Pea

6 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate. What I'm learning about this week, my action items to prepare for baby, my favorite maternity and baby finds of the week. #firsttrimester #6weekspregnant buying a keepsake pregnancy journal, what questions to ask my midwife or OB, what makeup and skincare products I'm using while pregnant, how to have a healthy pregnancy

This week’s 6 weeks pregnant update:

At 6 weeks pregnant. Baby is the size of a sweet pea, which is such a cute nickname for a baby. I might have to use it when my sweet pea finally arrives. I have started having some morning sickness and really hope it doesn’t get worse. Besides that, I look pretty much the same as last week (aka no bump yet).

Recap of last week:

Last week, we found out we were pregnant! In my 5 weeks pregnant bumpdate I focused on finding out all the things I should avoid or switch out in our house. My action items from last week were to celebrate, make my first appointment, start a prenatal pill, and lastly grab a notebook to stay organized.

What am I learning about right now at 6 weeks pregnant?

Since my first appointment is scheduled for week 8, I am trying to make sure I have all of my questions ready to go. Last week I bought a notebook with a cute flowery cover that came with dividers to stay organized. And while I was shopping for this, I stumbled upon this journal called Expecting You. It’s a keepsake pregnancy journal to record all of your thoughts to share with baby years later. This is such a sweet idea that I just couldn’t pass up, so I also bought this one as well.

Alright so this week, my main focus is filling my notebook with any and all questions that pop into my head so I am prepared for my appointment. This is what I have come up with so far.

I am seeing a midwife so the first set of questions I have is:

  • What are the main differences in appointments and delivery between a midwife and a doctor?
  • Who will deliver me? Will it be any midwife? What if a midwife isn’t available?
  • Will I meet everyone in the practice before delivering?

The next questions I want to ask are about staying healthy during my pregnancy such as:

  • Is the prenatal I am taking a good one?
  • Should I be taking any more supplements?
  • I am taking a fish oil pill, is that okay?
  • Are all of my medications safe for pregnancy?
  • What type of genetic screening should I get? Will my insurance cover it?
  • What is the best way to find exactly what my insurance covers?
  • How much weight should I be gaining?
  • What are the best ways to manage morning sickness?

I have also compiled questions from my friends who have already gone through pregnancy to ask:

  • Where will I deliver?
  • Do they have a NICU? I guess this is really important because if they don’t have one then you and baby will be separated if baby needs to be transferred to a hospital with a NICU.
  • Do you have any pregnancy groups? Some practices have a weekly group where you get to meet other moms-to-be who are in the same phase of pregnancy as you.
  • When do you recommend I start looking into classes (birth, breastfeeding, baby)? Do you have any recommendations here?
  • Do you have any doulas you recommend?
  • Do you have a list of pediatricians in the area? Do you have any recommendations?

What are my 6 weeks pregnant action items?

Since last week, I looked up everything I need to avoid and switch out in our house, this week my first action item is to find new products. I have already bought new laundry detergents (see last week) to try out so now it is on to my skincare products and makeup.

After going through my skincare products and makeup, I was pretty shocked to find out that I probably should not use any of it during my pregnancy. I have been meaning to give my beauty cabinet an overhaul for awhile and there is no better time than now. I spent a lot of time finding products that are free of all those harmful chemicals I talked about last week.

So, here are the skincare products I grabbed:

Finding “healthy” makeup was quite a hard task but I am pretty happy with what I decided on. Here are the makeup products I grabbed:

I also ordered my fish oil pills because DHA/EPA is so important during pregnancy and I don’t really love eating fish. I grabbed the Nordic Natural Prenatal DHA because I really trust that brand.

My favorite maternity find this week:

My favorite maternity find this week would have to be the Expecting You Keepsake Journal. I knew I wanted to write letters to baby while in the womb and now I have a whole journal to fill with prompts and cute designs. I honestly can’t wait to start filling it up. I also hope to get dad to also contribute.

My favorite baby find this week:

I spent a lot of time this week on the Burt’s Bees site learning about their ingredients and I found out that they make baby pajamas and I am in love. I know it is such an impractical thing to be looking at right now, but they are so cute. They have little bees on the bottom of the feet. I also really love the designs because almost all of them could be gender neutral. Everything I see that is gender neutral is always really boring, grey and not so cute, but these are absolutely adorable. I cannot wait until it is time to start making that registry and putting all of the cute snuggly clothing on it. And they are all so tiny!!

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6 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate. What I'm learning about this week, my action items to prepare for baby, my favorite maternity and baby finds of the week. #firsttrimester #6weekspregnant buying a keepsake pregnancy journal, what questions to ask my midwife or OB, what makeup and skincare products I'm using while pregnant, how to have a healthy pregnancy. Six weeks pregnant baby bump.

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