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50+ Fun and Creative Pregnancy Announcements to Grandparents

One of my favorite times during pregnancy is sharing the good news with family and friends. After announcing my pregnancy to my husband, grandparents-to-be were next up. I loved seeing my and my husband’s parents’ reactions and having them share in our excitement. 

I also wanted to give each set of grandparents a gift. After spending way too much time shopping online, here is the collection of my favorite pregnancy announcement gifts that I found to give to the grandparents-to-be.  

When to Announce Your Pregnancy to Grandparents?

I think the most typical time to start announcing your pregnancy to family is around the beginning of the second trimester. One of the biggest reasons to wait until then is because the rate of miscarriage drops significantly by 13 weeks.

We chose to tell both sides a few weeks before the start of the second trimester because we live far away and that was when we would be visiting them. Another reason to share early is if you have really bad morning sickness and won’t be able to hide it.  

You also might decide to share the news earlier especially if a special occasion like a birthday or holiday is coming up.

Surprise Grandparents with Pregnancy

I love the idea of surprising grandparents with the new that you’re expecting. It can be as simple as giving them a gift on a holiday or birthday so they won’t expect anything out of the ordinary. 

Even if they live far away and visiting in the near future isn’t possible, surprise them over a facetime or send them something in the mail that they can’t open till they call.

For example, you could send them something that is the size of the baby with no explanation such as a lemon on week 13 or a peach on week 14. Say it is from you and when they call to ask, you can surprise them with “that is how big your grandbaby is this week.” 

How to Announce Pregnancy to Parents who are Already Grandparents

Here you want to focus on their role as a grandparent instead of them becoming a grandparent. 

Instead of focusing on gifts that say Est. date, go for something that says just how happy you are that they will be your kid’s grandparents. A heartfelt message such as “The only thing better than having you as our parents…. is our child having you as their grandparents”  is absolutely perfect for any occasion.

Also consider a board book or a toy that give them a way to spend time with their grandkids.  

If you decide you want to share the gender, then you could make the announcement more about the first boy or girl grandbaby. 

Even if this isn’t their first grandchild, you can still go all out. They will be more than happy to celebrate with you!

Get the perfect card for Grandparents-to-be

A classic and simple way to announce your pregnancy is through a card. I grabbed a card for both grandparent sets along with a gift for each. You could go with a traditional card, a scratch off or even a puzzle. 

Pregnancy Announcement Cards for Grandparents

Here are some cards that I liked that are for grandparents. 

This first card by The Singing Little Bird says “The only thing better than having you as our parents…. is our child having you as their grandparents.” I like the simplicity of the card and nothing beats the message. 


Another card by The Singing Little Bird is perfect when shopping for your parents is next to impossible. It says “What do you get parents who already have everything?” A Grandbaby!



If you are far enough along that you have an ultrasound picture, then grab a card that allows you to include an ultrasound picture like this one. 



If you are lucky enough to be able to time telling a grandparent with their birthday, then this card will be perfect. I love that they won’t know until they open the card. 


Or if you are sharing the news near Christmas or any other holiday, you can switch out the text to fit the occasion. 


Pregnancy Announcement Scratch offs for Grandparents

A beautiful heart scratch off card. 


These would be a lot of fun because at first they just look like a real lottery card. You can hand these to both parents and then just sit back and wait to see their reactions. 


Pregnancy Announcement Puzzles for Grandparents

If you want something similar to a card that is a little more creative, then consider a puzzle. This one says ” I am very small but very important. I am free, but very expensive. You’re going to see me soon but can’t see me now. What am I?” 


Give the Grandparents to be a Onesie

Onesies make a great gift because not only are they ionic for baby but also because baby can wear it one day. Additionally, there are so many ones to pick from that you can really find just what you are looking for and if not, then you can design it yourself. Here are my favorites!

Everyone has a parent who complains whenever you get them a gift and doesn’t want you to ever spend money on them. This onesie was made for them and is such a cute and sweet way to announce the pregnancy. 



For all of those dog grandparents out there, be sure to tell them they have been promoted with this adorable onesie. 


If you are hoping to get some babysitting out of your parents, then be sure to let them know with this onesie. 


If a parent is having a birthday soon and you can hold off telling them until the birthday, then you could give them this awesome happy birthday onesie. There is no better present than a grandchild! 


These two onesies are perfect especially if you want to get one for each parent. It will also give them some ideas on some really cute grandparent names to go by. 


Lastly, I liked this onesie because it is going to be a Grand Adventure and I like the play on words. 


Use a Drink to Announce Your Pregnancy to Grandparents 

Coffee Mugs, Wine Glasses, Beer Glasses, and Whiskey Glasses all make great practical gifts. They are also perfect for adding some fun or cute text. You could also use a wine label and gift a bottle of wine so they can celebrate.

I also like the idea of using these to surprise parents with the news. For instance, just serve them their favorite drink and wait to see what they say when they read the glass or mug. It will be an occasion to remember for sure. Here are my favorites! 

Pregnancy Announcement Coffee Mugs

If you’re parent has been continually asking for a grandchild, then you absolutely have to get them this mug.


For all grandparents who have grand dogs, you will need to get them this mug. 


Remind them that they are amazing parents and you can’t wait for them to be grandparents with these sweet sayings. 


I love the style of these mugs and know they would be a favorite coffee mug in my parents house. 

Coffee Mug Pregnancy Announcment Grandparents 2


Pregnancy Announcement Alcohol Glasses

Here is an awesome whiskey glass that will let dad know he is about to become a grandpa. He can take a shot to celebrate! 


For those of you who have a mom who loves wine, grab this awesome wine glass that says “World’s best grandma”. 


Or grab beer glasses if that fits your parents better and have it say world’s best grandpa or grandma. 



Pregnancy Announcement Wine Labels

I found these when also searching for ways to announce my pregnancy to my husband and like the idea. While you can’t drink the wine, it is nice way to celebrate especially if you tell them over dinner. 

I love this one that says “drink this for me” because now that you’re pregnant, you can’t drink. 


 This wine label is very pretty and says “the best parents make even better grandparents.” I like it because it is like a card on a wine bottle. 


Home Decor that can be used as a Pregnancy Announcement for Grandparents

Other gifts that make great pregnancy announcements are items that can serve as home decor. You could get them a pregnancy countdown, signs for their house or picture frames. If you have an ultrasound picture, then use that in the frame. They can keep it like that or eventually change it out with a picture of their baby. 

Pregnancy Announcement Home Decor

This wooden sign is awesome especially if your baby is the first grand baby. Even if they aren’t, I’m sure any grandparent would love this gift. 


If you are looking for a home decor sign but want something on the smaller scale, this one is very pretty. I love the cursive, flowers and spot for a photo. 


Here is another option for a smaller home decor sign. 


Pregnancy Announcement Picture Frames

Here is a beautiful farmhouse style picture frame. I absolutely love the color and bow. 


If you wanted to get them a countdown, then you could do a picture frame countdown. This one has a heart chalkboard so you can change the weeks. I would put an ultrasound picture in the frame. 


I like this one because it has a sweet little message about a “little grandbaby”. It feels like a card and frame all in one. 


Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents-to-be

While grabbing a card, onesie, coffee mug or picture frame is more common, there are a lot of fantastic unique gifts that might fit your family better. 

Start the collection of toys at the grandparents house early by getting them a individualized elephant. You can also get something like this as a big sister pregnancy announcement.


I found this awesome gem when I was looking at scratch offs. I love how it is an egg and you customize the text. 


There are a lot of key chain options. I like this one. You can personalize it with a birthstone gem. 


This fishing lure is great for those with dad’s that love to fish. 



A Christmas ornament can make a good gift even if it isn’t near Christmas time. We always get an ornament to mark special occasions because it is always fun to revisit all of those special memories every year when we put up our Christmas tree. For Christmas-specific ideas, check out my post on Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas.



Jewelry Gifts for Grandma-to-be

My favorite pieces of jewelry also have a special occasion or memory associated with them. I love the idea of getting a new grandma jewelry. Every time she wears it, she will remember that wonderful memory of when you told them. 

There are a lot of great options on Etsy. I really liked these because they were not only beautiful necklaces but also came in silver, gold or rose gold. They are simple yet elegant. You also get an awesome with a wonderful note in it, making it a great deal. 


Here is another option by the same Etsy designer. 


And another by the same Etsy designer. 


Use a Baby Board Book as a Pregnancy Announcement Card

Giving baby book instead of a card has gained popularity for baby showers. I think this is also a great idea for a pregnancy announcement. There are some really great grandparent baby books that you can gift to them. You can write a note in the front cover. The best part is that it is a gift they get to use once baby arrives. 

Here are my absolutely favorite grandparent baby books.

How to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan is a hilarious book that is entertaining for you to read and your kid will love it.  


The same author has also written two more versions: How to Babysit a Grandma and How to Babysit a Grandma and Grandpa.


Another great set of books are Grandma Wishes and Grandpa’s Wish List, both very sweet books. 


For fans of Little Critter, this book is a classic that your parents might remember from when you were little. 


Lastly, Grandma Loves You is one of my personal favorites so I included it. 


Consider Grandparent Shirts as a Pregnancy Announcement Gift 

If you think your parents would wear it, then consider grabbing a shirt for them to proudly wear. 

There are a lot of great options that says grandpa and grandma. This one is one of my favorites because I like that it says the year and also “promoted”. I love the colors too. 


This one is my personal favorite because I like the color and I love grammy.


Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Great Grandparents

When we had our first child, I was lucky enough to have some of my grandparents still living. I wanted to make the occasion of telling them special as well.  Therefore, I have included in this post some fantastic pregnancy announcements geared for great grandparents. 

These coffee mugs are beautiful and I love the text on them: Just when a grandfather(mother) thinks his(her) work is finished someone calls him(her) great.


The onesie is another great choice with the classic promotion text that says “The best grandparents get promoted to great grandparents.”


Pursue Your Perfect Pregnancy Announcement Today 

There you have it! 50 ways to announce your pregnancy to grandparents. I hope you find something that is perfect for you and that this post has given you the inspiration you need. There are so many awesome coffee mugs, onesies, cards, drinks, baby books and other unique ideas out there. 

And when you do break the news, be sure to grab a photo of this pregnancy moment of everyone for a keepsake! 

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You can have a lot of fun announcing your pregnancy to your parents. There are a lot of great cards, onesies, coffee mugs, scratch offs and wine labels that are just pure genius or hilarious. They can be a great way to surprise grandparents-to-be with the news and make it a moment to remember. Here is my favorite pregnancy announcements that you can use to tell new grandparents. Pregnancy announcement to parents, surprise pregnancy announcement. Creative pregnancy announcement to grandparents.

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