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9 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate: Baby is an Olive

9 weeks pregnant update:

I am still sick but can now manage it better with all of the morning sickness tips I found. I am wearing my maternity leggings now at 9 weeks pregnant week and loving it. I started online pregnancy yoga and am really enjoying it. I learned that they also offer baby and me yoga, which I am super excited for.

I got to see my close friend this week who has a 5-month-old baby. It was so fun to hold the baby knowing that I will soon have my own little one. We talked about all things pregnancy because I told her I was pregnant. I asked for advice on how to tell family and what were her favorite baby finds (see end of post).

Recap of last week:

During week 8 of my pregnancy, I had my first appointment and got to hear baby’s heartbeat. We decided to stay with a midwife unless the pregnancy changes from low risk. I spent most of my time last week deciding on a plan for tackling my maternity wardrobe, geared for maximum comfort and buying the least amount of clothing. I am also hoping to double up and use my second trimester wardrobe as my postpartum wardrobe so I am considering this when finding items.

I also signed up for a yoga class last week and am super excited to start it.

What am I focusing on this week?

This week I spent a lot of time researching parenting books. I know that once baby arrives, my life will change and I won’t have a lot of free time. Or at least that is what every parent I know tells me.

I want to make sure I spend the time now learning about parenting and therefore have a solid foundation of how I want to parent. I am also hoping that get the conversations going now between my other and I on how we can parent together and how to be on the same page about parenting.

Here is the list I came up with. I know I won’t be able to read them all before baby, but I hope to tackle quite a few. Feel free to use my list as a starting point for yourself or start you own list to tackle.

Now I get to make good use of that touch lamp I got last week while I read in my cozy bed!

What are my action items this week?

This week I wanted to make a pre-baby project to-do list. Even though I am not feeling well enough or energetic enough to tackle anything, I want to be ready when I finally have energy during the second trimester. Therefore, I have started a list in my notebook I bought to keep everything pregnancy related organized.

My list so far includes:

  • Clean out the storage room to make room to store baby gear and clothing
  • In general, declutter the house especially closets, cabinets, drawers and bedrooms
  • Deep clean all carpets and upholstered furniture in the house
  • Move office out of the “nursery”
  • Paint and set up the nursery
  • Set up diaper changing stations in our bedroom and downstairs
  • Set up nursing stations upstairs and downstairs
  • Set up a bassinet in our bedroom
  • Laundry literally everything in the house that is washable
  • Wash the walls, baseboards, fans and cabinets in every room
  • Set up a will/living trust
  • Make a baby budget
  • Determine exact details of maternity leave and have a backup plan B if I don’t go back
  • Set up an automatic backup for phone photos since we know we will be taking a lot
  • Start and finish my baby blanket
  • Prep a month worth of freezer meals
  • Decide and plan out the logistics of who will visit and when

Basically, I want to get the house as ready as possible so I can focus on baby when baby arrives. And I will save a lot of these for the third trimester, but we can definitely start working on the house and logistics very soon!

My favorite maternity find this week:

My morning sickness is the worst in the morning. So I decided to give tea specific for morning sickness a try and it has really been helping. I have started every morning this week with Earth Mama morning sickness tea.

My favorite baby find this week:

Starting to look at baby carriers because I know I want to wear baby. I think personally that it will be easier than bring the car seat everywhere or using a stroller. I also can’t wait to hold baby and want to hold her as often as possible.

I wanted to do a wrap, but they look really hot with so much fabric. And honestly, all of the carriers look the same.

So I decided to ask my mom friend who has a 5 month old because I was seeing her and her cute baby this week. Anyway, she has a Moby Carrier that has a hip seat. She had a traditional carrier but said baby was too heavy.

She said the Moby Carrier is her favorite baby purchase hands down because the “seat” takes off so much of the weight and because it allows you to actually carry baby on the hip. And now I am so glad I asked her about her carrier.

I am completely sold especially after the reviews on amazon. This item will definitely be on my baby registry.

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