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8 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate: Baby is a Raspberry

8 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate. What I'm learning about this week, my action items to prepare for baby, my favorite maternity and baby finds of the week. #firsttrimester #8weekspregnant first appointment heartbeat and questions , morning sickness, exercise, 2nd trimester clothing ideas, 3rd trimester clothing ideas, clothing for second trimester and postpartum, finding a pregnancy yoga class.

8 weeks pregnant update:

Morning sickness thankfully has become bearable at 8 weeks pregnant with all of the things I started doing last week. I am also so happy that Unisom is finally allowing me to get some real sleep.

We had our appointment and we got to hear baby’s heartbeat <3! I got all of my questions answered that I planned out during my 6 weeks pregnant to-do list. I plan on continuing with a midwife as long as my pregnancy stays low risk.

This week, my clothing is starting to become uncomfortable even though I still don’t look pregnant but that means it is time to get serious on my maternity wardrobe.

Recap of last week:

Last week at 7 weeks pregnant, morning sickness finally hit me so I spent a lot of my time finding a million ways to feel better. I also booked a dentist appointment because pregnancy increases your risk of tooth decay. My other action items last week were to decide when and how to tell the grandparent to be!

What am I learning about this week?

Since the second trimester is right around the corner (or at least I want it to be so I can finally not be sick), I want to start thinking of my maternity wardrobe. Maternity clothing can be expensive plus you must keep sizing up and then it never fits again (until you are pregnant again).

Therefore, I want to spend as little as possible but still look put together. I started by reading a lot of blogs and browsing online stores and target. First why is it that when I am looking at all of these clothes, the person is always in high heels? Like what? Doesn’t the bump change your center of gravity so you aren’t suppose to wear heels or ride a bike cause you will fall.

2nd Trimester Clothing Ideas

Anyway, my plan for the second trimester is to use the belly band to get me as far as possible. I then plan on grabbing items NOT in the maternity section. I got this advice from other mom bloggers. When your bump is small, shirts that work then will also work perfectly for postpartum. So grab one or two sizes bigger than your normal size and make sure they would be good for breastfeeding like v-necks, flowing, stretch, button downs, and long comfy tank tops.

I will probably live in leggings, tank tops paired with sweaters for most of my second trimester. I also realized I need to grab new underwear at some point and a new bra. I am really liking these because you can just fold them down if you want. I have similar ones and they are so comfy.

3rd Trimester Clothing Ideas

For third trimester, I will buy a few basics but honestly, I am thinking of just using Le Tote. I don’t want to keep any of these clothing. And just buying basics is expensive. I would rather get cuter items and get to switch them out more often and keep none of it.

My friend who used Le Tote said it was really good for her because of work. She also grabbed a bunch of dresses from Old Navy that worked really well with dressing up for work comfortably. She also said it was great when she went on her babymoon because she didn’t have to buy a pregnancy swimsuit or summer clothing and just grabbed things from Le Tote. Also check if they have a discount for your first few months, since they usually run these.

I am also know that I will need a cute dress to wear at the baby shower. I want to get photos. These usually come in packages such as maternity, hospital and at home newborn. So, I will need to start thinking of what would look good for all of these photos. I don’t really want to look pregnant in the hospital or at home newborn photos so it will be tricky to find just the right outfit.

What are my action items this week?

During my appointment, my midwife mentioned staying active can help with morning sickness. I was all ears and immediately started asking what are some good ways to get exercise in. Besides walking which will not happen in winter, she suggested I check out pregnancy yoga.

Pregnancy yoga is also supposed to help with strength and flexibility along with breathing and relaxation techniques that can make labor more comfortable and easier.

So my action item this week will be finding and signing up for a pregnancy yoga class. There are a couple options locally which I will check out first. If I am not a fan of any of those, then I am going to search for an online option.

My other action item is to find at least a few items for my second trimester wardrobe that I can also wear during postpartum.

My favorite maternity find this week:

While shopping and deciding on what I will need, I found the most comfortable leggings in the world. I grabbed these Motherhood maternity leggings from amazon and they will be perfect for my plan of leggings with flowing shirts or tank tops with sweaters. I am pretty excited to be so comfortable. An added benefit is that I can wear all of this postpartum.

I contemplated buying jeans but even with the belly band, they were uncomfortable and who knows how long they will fit as the belly grows. So instead I am going to be a leggings girl.

My favorite baby find this week:

We bought our first item for baby’s room. We grabbed a touch lamp. Well actually, it will be in our room until we move baby to the nursery. I joined a facebook mom group and there was a thread on what type of light do people use to change and breastfeed baby during the night. Turing on the bright lights is very disruptive to falling back asleep for everyone. A lot of the moms swear by a dimmable touch lamp. I am also excited to start using it before baby arrives to just read books before bed.

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8 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate. What I'm learning about this week, my action items to prepare for baby, my favorite maternity and baby finds of the week. #firsttrimester #8weekspregnant

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