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My Honest Stitch Fix Review 2022 (with 10+ pictures!)

Stitch Fix review

I decided to give Stitch Fix a try to improve my wardrobe and find a better way to shop for clothing. I was done spending hours in stores trying on clothing and hate shopping for clothing online where you scroll through so many pages before finding anything you like. To help you out I’ve compiled this post to give an honest Stitch Fix review so you can determine if it’s right for you.

What I found out was that Stitch Fix is way more than just getting surprise boxes of clothing in your mail. While that is quite fun, you don’t need to order fixes to get clothing.

In fact, you can shop the site just like any online clothing store with one important difference. Unlike other online clothing stores, the Stitch Fix Shop is completely personalized on your style using algorithms. Every time you input information about your style or buy an item, you are giving the program more data to pick the perfect items for when you shop the site.

To really understand how to utilize Stitch Fix as a shopping tool, continue reading as I share my honest review of stitch fix and tips to get clothing you love. I will show you how to fill out your profile and show some pictures of what I received in my Stitch Fix box. Plus, how to shop the site using the trending for you, complete the look and buy it again online tools.

In this honest review, I can also tell you about my experience with their customer service since I ended up having a delivery issue.

Why Use Stitch Fix?

Every year I find it harder and hard to find the time to go shopping for myself. Between work, kids, and the house, it always seems to be at the bottom of the list until I have literally nothing to wear.

Additionally, we do not live close to good shopping. With two toddlers, there is no way I am driving far away for a shopping spree any time soon.

I am also not a fan of shopping large clothing sites where you have to scroll through a lot of pages or know exactly what you are looking for.

These were the main reasons I wanted to try Stitch Fix. Additionally, Stitch Fix had a few advantages that made it also desirable to me. It has free shipping and returns on everything, and it is personalized, you can set a price range.

So, if they really could send me items that I love, then I would consider that a big win!

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a clothing website that creates a personalized shopping experience by taking information about your preferred style to pick out clothing for you.

How does Stitch Fix work?

Stitch Fix is a clothing site where you can do the following:

  • make a Style Profile
  • order a Stitch Fix
  • shop “complete a look”
  • shop “trending for you”
  • shop “buy it again”
  • continue refining your style

Make Your Profile

You create a profile where you answer questions about size, body shape, preferred fit, and style. The profile process is very detailed. You also answer questions about what type of clothing you want in your Stitch Fix so not only is the fix in your style, but it is the type of clothing or accessories you want. For instance, you can order a Stitch Fix and tailor it for any occasion from going to a wedding to new workout outfits. You can order clothing for you or anyone in your family since you can make kid profiles in your account as well.

Order a Stitch Fix

Once you have a profile, you can order your Stitch Fix. This means a stylist will review your profile and pick clothing items to send to you along with outfit suggestions for the pieces they send. Once you place an order, it will come in the mail.

How much does a Stitch Fix cost?

A $20 styling fee is applied to each Stitch Fix box. The styling fee is applied to your purchase so you just need to spend $20, which you can usually do by keeping one item in your fix.

How expensive is the clothing?

Since you can set the price range for clothing, it can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want.

If you buy all the items in your fix, then you get an overall 25% discount. This basically means you keep one item (or more) for free.

Who styles you?

For each fix, an available stylist will put together your fix. However, when you check out you have the option of requesting a new stylist or asking for the same stylist.

How do you return items you don’t want from your Fix?

It is super easy to return items. In each fix, there is a return priority mail bag. After you checkout online, you put the items you want to return in the bag and put it in your mailbox.

How often do you receive a Stitch Fix?

You can order just one fix or you can do a subscription such as weekly, monthly, or yearly. You also schedule the fix and pick the date you want to receive it by, which is useful if you are wanting items for an upcoming trip or a special occasion.  

honest stitch fix review

What comes in a Stitch Fix?

Depending on the type of items you ask for, you will receive a different number of items. For instance, my Stitch Fix came with five items: a pair of jeans, 3 tops and a sweater. This matches what I asked for. Later in this post, you can see pictures of the items and my review of them.

How long do I have until I need to return the items?

You have three days once the fix is delivered to your door. However, if you need more time, then you can extend the checkout date. Just go online and ask for an extension. Since I got one fix on a Friday, I extended the checkout date because I wasn’t going to be able to get to it until the work week.

Can you shop for your kids and significant other?

Yes, you can add a kid profile under your main account, or you can easily switch profiles to shop for your partner. 

Important Note: Speaking from experience, if you use GMail be sure to move Stitch Fix into your primary email tab. This will ensure you get their emails and can track your package and check your shipping address.

Shop your Looks

On the Stitch Fix website, you can go to the shop tab on the main menu. In this section, you can shop your look by either the trending for you button or the complete your looks button. Additionally, you can click the buy it again button for more selection.

Trending for you

On this page of the site, you will see multiple outfits that are personalized for you based on your style profile. In each outfit, you can click any item and purchase it. You do not need to order a Stitch Fix to receive it. The page automatically refreshes throughout the day with new outfit choices. Here is a snapshot of outfits that were trending for me.

Shop My Style

I found these outfits to be very on par with my style. I love how I can see clothing in my style and just grab what I like. It is such an easy way to shop. I can just check the page and get a personalized shopping experience. Since they have your size info, a size is already recommended for you. Additionally, free returns and shipping applies to all these items as well, making it low stress.   

Complete your look

If you click the complete your look button, it will show you outfit options with pieces of clothing you already own. This is extremely helpful when trying to make a cohesive wardrobe. I find way too often I buy clothing items and have no idea how to style them. It can also be hard to track down corresponding pieces. You can click any of the items in the pictures to buy.

Buy it again

In this tab, you can see all of your past purchases. If the item is still available, then you can buy it again. Another option here is to see similar pieces. If you really love a clothing item or accessory, then you can click on the similar pieces button and get a whole page of available items that are similar in style.

Refine Your Style

Under the Style Tab, you have three options: Your items, Style Profile and Style Quizzes.

Your Items

If you click your items, then you can click on individual items to leave feedback for your stylist. This is helpful to do before you schedule another Stitch Fix box.

Style Profile

The Style Profile allows you to edit your original profile. This can be very helpful if you want to change the type of clothing you are getting or want a Stitch Fix for a specific occasion. Stitch Fix also has a maternity clothing option so you will want to be able to edit that choice over time. In the next section, I will go into detail about the style profile and give you pointers on filling it out.

Style Quizzes

Lastly, under Style you can take Style quizzes. If you feel that the items you are seeing in the trending for you section or in your Stitch Fix box are close but not exactly your style, then take a few style quizzes. Essentially what you are doing here is giving the algorithms more data to go off of and perfect your style. 

How to Fill out a Good Stitch Fix Profile

For Stitch Fix to work, you need to tell them about your style. You do this by filling out a style profile. It is very detailed and takes about 10-15 minutes. The time is well spent though if you are truly interested in getting clothing that fit you in every way.

Size, Body and Shape 

First, you enter your typical size in everything from shirt and bottoms to bra and shoes. You also put in your height and weight. You have the option to check petite clothing or maternity clothing if either of these choices is right for you.

You then pick a type of body shape such as rectangle, triangle, hourglass, oval, etc.  You also pick a waist level and if you are curvy on your bottom half.

When you fill this section out, be very honest as you really do want clothing true to your size. Additionally, I found the waist level question very important to overall fit. My waist level is low and I like my shirts long or else they feel too short.

Fit and Cut

The next section asks about your preferred fit. I like very fitted clothing. I think it is also a good thing to say fitted clothing for the first fix because you want to make sure they have your sizing down.

There are also questions about what you like to hide and what you like to flaunt, and how you like to wear your jeans such as style, rise and length.


In this section of the profile, you look at outfits and say what you like or don’t like. What I try to remember is even if I like an outfit, I ask myself would I wear it. For instance, if I see a beautiful fancy dress that I think is pretty, then I would say no. I only want to say yes to outfits that I would wear on a regular basis.

In this section, you also get to say how often you dress for specific occasions like laid-back casual, wedding, business, or date night. Follow up questions focus on how much you want your fix selections to focus on the same occasions.

You are also asked to pick stores you typically get your clothing from. I picked Target, H&M, Express, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, J Crew, and TJ Maxx. While I rarely shop at some of these, because we don’t live near a J Crew or a Banana Republic, I know I love the styles they carry.

Important Note: The next question is a really important one for your first fix. It asks how adventurous do you want your fix selections to be? I feel very strongly that you should select either occasionally unique pieces or never, keep it timeless.

Before trying Stitch Fix, I read a lot of reviews from people who have tried it. Their main complaint is some of the pieces they got were not them. If you select “sometimes”, “try new trends” or “frequently, adventure is my middle name”, then expect to receive things that are not your style.

After Stitch Fix knows your style and you have built a relationship with your stylist, then you can also go back and pick a different option. You can also write a note to your stylist before each fix so you could ask for more adventurous pieces then.

Next, it asks what your preferred style (edgy, preppy, boho, etc.) and if there are any colors, prints or fabrics to avoid. It is a very detailed survey. 

After that you are asked to pick how often you would like to receive different types of clothing (tops, jackets, coats, pants etc.), accessories (earrings, bracelets, scarves, bags, etc.) and shoes (heels, booties, etc.). This is really nice because you can shop for just what you need or want to shop for. You can also edit this between each Stitch Fix you schedule or just leave a note for the stylist each time.

Lastly, you select a price range for each type of item. The price choices are cheaper the better, 50-100, 100-150, 150-200, and 200+.

About You

The last section is about you. Everything from your birthday and occupation to your style goals.

I really like that it asks if you are a parent and what your occupation is because I find those two things really influence how I dress.

When it asks about your goals, I think it is important to remember that if you select to try items I wouldn’t select for myself or to discover new trends and styles, then you will probably receive a Fix that isn’t in your style. While it is fun to explore new styles, if you don’t get anything you like in your fix, then you are out the $20 styling fee.

It also asks for links to your social networks. I can see how these are very useful to your stylist. I love Pinterest and have a fashion board of outfits I love. These all just give your stylist more chances to see your style.

Honest Stitch Fix Reviews 2021

Here, I will show you pictures of all the items I received in my first two Stitch Fix boxes. Additionally, I will review items I bought from their shop under the “trending for you” tab. I will tell you what I liked, didn’t like, and how well they fit and felt.

Review of my First Stitch Fix Box

In my first box, I received a few tops, a sweater, and a pair of jeans.

In every Stitch Fix box, you also receive a cute note from your stylist along with outfit suggestions for each item in your fix. Remember, you can also access more outfit suggestions if you buy an item online on the “complete the look” page.

Item 1: Manu Contrast Hem Knit Top

My first item is this knit top by 41 Hawthorn in size small. Item price is $48. While this shirt is not something I would have picked off the rack, I liked it. After trying it on, I really liked it. I loved the color and found the material to be very comfortable. The sizing was completely right.

Also, my hair had major frizz issues and was just not cooperating the day I took these pictures as you can see.

Item 2: Ansell Scoop Neck Dolman Knit Top

The second item was also a knit top by Market & Spruce also in size small. Item price is $48. I really wanted to love this shirt. It was so comfortable, and I really love grey and blue, seriously half my wardrobe is in those colors. However, I really prefer fitted and the fit just didn’t work for me. So, I will return this one and be sure to provide feedback online. Remember you can do this for all items you receive in your fix on the site under the style tab and then your items.

Item 3: Kenova Skinny Distressed Rolled Jeans

The next item were jeans by Studio blue in size 4. Item price is $64. I have a very hard time finding jeans that fit well and are comfortable, so I was surprised to find these fit like a glove. I really like how these look and plan to keep them. Additionally, the quality of the jeans was very good. I hate it when I find a good pair of jeans and then they don’t last more than a few months. I feel like these will last me more than one season.

Item 4: Halls Brushed Knit Two Pocket Cardigan

This sweater is also from Mix by 41 Hawthorn in a size small. Item price is $44. This sweater was amazing. I already have one similar, which is also a sign to me that they know my style but will keep this one. It is a lot better both in fit, feel and style than the one I own.

You might have guessed by now; I really care about how clothing feels. I just will not wear something that is uncomfortable. I emphasized that in my profile and I felt like they really hit the mark on comfort.

Item 5: Luna Button Detail Brushed Knit Top

The last item was another knit top by Pink Clover in size small. Item price is $38. I liked the fabric and the fit, but I just didn’t like the buttons. So, while the fit was great, the shirt just wasn’t for me so I will be sure to give feedback on this shirt.

Time to check out

Overall, I loved three of the five items. One item was not my style and one item didn’t fit right. All the clothing items were seasonally appropriate which was a big plus as we move into colder weather.

Everything that I received was in the price range I requested. I asked for a lot of tops and to occasionally get a pair of jeans, which matched what I got.

Another thing I liked about getting a Stitch Fix box was the variety of brands in each box. It allows me to become more familiar with brands and see which ones I tend to gravitate towards.

Now, all I do is send back the items I don’t want in the pre-paid bag that came with the Stitch Fix. If I keep any of the items, then I can apply the $20 styling fee to the price of that item. Additionally, if I keep all of it, then I get a buy all with an overall discount of 25%. You check out online by choosing return, keep or exchange for each item and give feedback.

Review of my Second Stitch Fix Box

For my second Fix, I also received mainly tops since that is what I asked for and a pair of jeans.

Item 1: Valencia Curved Hem Pullover

The first item was a warm top by Pink Clover in small for $44. This shirt was so cozy. The fit was perfect, and I really liked the look. I felt it would be perfect for a workday or a stay-at-home day.

Item 2: Lemmy Ruffle Sleeve Top

Here is the second item in my Fix, a floral top by Brina & Em in small for $44. The fit was great, and I liked the top. However, this shirt is something I would never pick out. By doing this fix and trying to decide why I didn’t like it, I realized I don’t like orange. So now, I will update my profile to say I don’t like orange clothing. So while I don’t like the top, I now know more about my style because I am intentionally working on it through these fixes.

Item 3: Annalise Skinny Clean Jeans

I also got a pair of black jeans in my fix by Kan Can in size 4 for $58. While I really love black jeans, I already have a few pairs and really didn’t need another. Additionally, these felt a little too loose for my preference. The waist was a little too high and they were baggy at the knee. Please ignore my scrunched up shirt, I was trying to pull it up so you could see more of the jeans in this picture.   

Item 4: Markle Ruched 3Q Sleeve Pullover

I loved this sweater top by Absolutely in small for $38. It fit well and was a good price for a sweater top. The color is perfect for the season and for my taste. I also loved the length knowing it wouldn’t be too short.

Item 5: Mia Back Detail Pullover

The last top in my fix was by Love Ellie in a size small for $44. I really liked this one. It again was perfect for winter. I loved how it was simple yet had the open back. I think it would be great for a date night. It felt very well made and the fabric was soft.

Time to check out:

Overall, I liked 3 out of the 5 items. One was not my style and the other didn’t fit well. More importantly, I felt like this fix was more my style overall.

Review of Trending for You Stitch Fix Shop

Once you make a profile, you can shop Stitch Fix through their trending for you store. Each clothing item in every outfit you see is clickable. If you purchase any items this way, then they will come in the mail just like a Stitch Fix. Shipping and returns are free.

Here are two of the tops I grabbed from the Stitch Fix shop.

Item 1: Markle Crew Neck Pullover

Beige S $38 by Absolutely


Item 2: Hazel Bauble Detail Pullover

The second top was a beige sweater in small by Love Ellie for $44. I picked this one out because I needed warmer clothing for winter, and I loved the design on it. The fit was perfect, and it was very warm. I would probably pair it with black pants.

Stitch Fix Customer Service

I wasn’t planning on adding this section to my review but because I ended up having delivery issues, I got a chance to experience the service firsthand. When I emailed their customer service, I was very worried that this would end badly.

Instead, I am super happy to report their customer service was awesome. They were completely understanding and very helpful. For me that is a big plus and one of the reasons I will continue using Stitch Fix.

Overall Stitch Fix Ratings

After trying two Stitch Fix boxes and purchasing items from the trending for you shop, I can say that overall, I was happy with my experience with Stitch Fix. In the future, I think I would schedule a Stitch Fix for each season as that is when I am usually in need of a few new pieces. Additionally, I will be using the trending for you tab to do most of my clothing shopping throughout the year since I really like how tailored it is to you.

Style Rating: 6.6/10

In total, I had 12 items from Stitch Fix, 5 in each of the two Stitch Fix boxes and 2 tops from the Trending for you store. I kept 8 out of the 12 items so I would give Stitch Fix a score of 6.6/10. I think this score would improve as I continue to give feedback.

Fit Rating 9.2/10

Everything except for one top fit me perfectly. I can’t even do that well when I pick out clothing in a store to try on. The one top that didn’t fit me was the right size but didn’t fit well. Additionally, I said in my profile I only like fitted clothing and the top was designed to be baggy.

Price Rating 10/10

Every single item I was sent was in the price range I asked for. Additionally, I felt the prices were very reasonable. The prices are very comparable to the stores I would normally shop at. The clothing does not feel cheaply made either.

Usability Rating 9/10

The site overall is very easy to use. It is easy to fill out a profile, but it does take some time. However, it is a critical step in getting clothing you like. Additionally, it does take time to give feedback but again your Stitch Fixes won’t improve if you don’t take the time to give feedback.  It takes absolutely no time to order a Stitch Fix, shop the site or checkout.

Considering how much time I would spend driving to a store, picking out items, trying them on and then checking out, Stitch Fix is a huge time saver.

Stitch Fix Box Rating: 10/10

Even though I didn’t love every item I got, I would still give it a 10/10. Even if you didn’t like the clothing I got, I would still give it a 10 out of 10. The goal is that it is personalized to each person’s style. Most of the clothing I received was in my style and I felt it improved after feedback. Additionally, I love the idea of clothing delivered to my doorstep thus removing all of the work for me.

Stitch Fix Shop Rating: 9/10

I am really in love with the Stitch Fix shop, which I didn’t even realize existed until I explored the website for this review. I love being able to open Stitch Fix and see 10-12 new outfits personalized on my preferences. It is so easy to just click the items I like and purchase.

My one complaint is that I can’t favorite anything to see more items like it. I also can’t refresh the page to see more. I have to wait until it changes throughout the day.  That being said, it still does a great job at showing me options that I like so I still really like it.

Customer Service Rating: 10/10

My experience with customer service was great. I had delivery issues. I just sent a quick email and got a friendly and helpful reply.

Overall, would I use Stitch Fix again?

Do I recommend Stitch Fix? My answer is yes. The biggest reason I recommend it is because it does work.

Stitch Fix can really be defined as what you put into it is what you get out of it. If you take the time to do your profile, take a few style quizzes and give feedback, then you will get items in your style that you love.

If I get one item that I love to cover my styling cost, then I consider it a win. For both Stitch Fix boxes, I wanted to keep more than one item. Therefore, I have nothing to lose. The items are sent directly to my door and I can return them by putting them in my mailbox.

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honest stitch fix review

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