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11 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant Fast

get pregnant fast

When we decided we wanted to have a baby, I kind of just assumed we would get pregnant right away.

After trying for a month and getting our first negative pregnancy test, I started to panic. My panic came from the fact that starting to try showed me just how long a month was and that you only get to try once a month.

I needed to make every month count so I began to learn as much as I could and quickly realized just how much I could do to improve our chances of conceiving and to get pregnant fast.

Check every medication you and your other half are taking

I don’t just mean check the label but to actually research on google if it could be affecting your chances of conceiving. This means any medication, supplements and vitamins you or your other half are taking.

My husband was taking a hair growth pill (finasteride) and it lowers sperm count.

Also, be sure to check essential oils if you are using any because some can be very bad for conceiving and for pregnancy.

Change the lube you are using

If you use a lubricant, then be sure it is one for trying to get pregnant like Pre-seed or Baby Dance.

Most lubes (water and oil based) are going to decrease your changes of conceiving because they can change the ability of sperm to swim.

Use the free app Skin Deep

The two big things I changed out were the cleaning products I was using and the skincare and makeup products I was using. 

It was well worth the time to do this because I would have to do it when I found out I was pregnant. Additionally, I had no idea just how toxic the products that we were using were.

I used the free app Skin Deep to help me decide if a product was safe and to help me pick out new ones.

Be sure to check and change out any of the products your significant other uses too!

Find something NOT baby related to focus on

This was HUGE for me. I have a tendency to do nothing but focus on my current goal. While that helps me to stay dedicated for most things, it is not so great for trying to conceive. This is because stress is a big factor in getting pregnant fast, something I learned from fertility expert, Brooke Davis, who helps women increase their fertility.

If your body feels stressed, then your hormones will change. When there is stress, your body’s hormone system is built to prevent pregnancy. Stress indicates that danger is around and therefore is not a good time to have a baby.

I decided I would focus my time on house projects that had nothing to do with getting ready for a baby. I worked on doing a complete makeover of our living room, painted the kitchen, and painted the cabinet in our bathroom. Hanging artwork, buying home decor and painting all take a lot of time and are actually great things to do now.

Once you do get pregnant and have that baby, it will be a long time before you are doing house projects again. Save the nursery and baby projects for once you are pregnant.

I also grabbed a few books from the library that I had been wanting to read. It gave me something to do during those times when my mind would wander and start to stress over getting pregnant.

Work out less

This might seem a little strange, but it can really help. Your body will only get pregnant if it has enough reserves to make a baby.

This is similar to women who are too thin will stop ovulating and quit getting periods. The body is very smart and will only conceive if it can support a baby. Basically, the amount of fat in your body will affect the amount of estrogen, a hormone that will affect ovulation.

Have sex every day

Do not rely on trying to time it because the window is so small. Instead have sex every day (or at least every other day).

It also allowed me to not track my cycle which was causing a lot of stress. Tracking my cycle felt like watching a clock tick at the end of class.  

Additionally, having regular sex will increase sperm count.

Eat fertility enhancing foods

To improve ovulation, you want to focus on three things: protein, antioxidants, and fats.

A lot of women try fertility enhancing smoothies so you could look up a few and try those. I looked for lists of the top 10 fertility boosting foods. Once I had a good list of foods, I would try to find some new recipes with those foods.

I liked that it gave me something to focus on like learning to cook new foods and recipes instead of focusing on getting pregnant.

Have your other half eat sperm boosting foods

My husband isn’t the type of person to look up or try to change his diet, but he will eat whatever is in the house. So, I also looked up top sperm boosting foods and made meals with those foods too.

When trying, I learned that Vitamin E can increase sperm count and that sunflower seeds are a good source.

Cut back on caffeine

Caffeine is a big part of my life. I love coffee and it was really REALLY hard for me to think of the idea of cutting back or even giving it up.

However, after reading a lot about this topic, I finally cut dramatically back because it is linked to your fertility.

Give up smoking and drinking

It is also a good idea to stop drinking and smoking since these could these hurt your chances of getting pregnant. Even secondhand smoke can alter your fertility. Additionally, you will be pregnant for 3 weeks before you even know you are pregnant.

Additionally, have your other half join you in this challenge. Giving up or cutting back on drinking, smoking and caffeine will boost sperm mobility and count.

Take a prenatal pill

Taking a prenatal will help you get pregnant if your diet isn’t providing all of the necessary nutrients. Your body needs a surplus of critical nutrients to grow a baby.

If you are eating well, then a prenatal isn’t going to help you get pregnant. However, you should still take one.

My favorite brand of prenatal is the gummy one. This is because when I was finally pregnant, I had horrible morning sickness. Drinking water made me feel nauseous so I liked having a pill I could chew instead of taking with water.

Pursue Pregnancy Today

My absolute best advice is to be sure you are making changes in your lifestyle that will increase your odds. Start by checking medications, cleaning products, and skin products.

Next, be sure you are having sex every (or every other) day and are using a fertility friendly lubricant. Boost the nutrient dense foods in your diet and kick caffeine, drinking and smoking from you diet. Have your other half join you in your health challenge.

Lastly, find something else to focus on that will help you decrease your stress levels. Pick a house project that you are wanting to work on or grab a novel from the library you have been dying to read.

Once you do get that positive test, here are some really awesome pregnancy announcements for husband

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Tips to get pregnant fast. Diet and exercise tips to help you get pregnant faster when trying to conceive naturally.


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Friday 15th of July 2022

I never want to put my email to leave comments, but this is how strongly I feel about the subject. Don't have sex every day. It is well known and talked about how men need time to regroup on their swimmer count. Every other day is fine, but don't do it every day.

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