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9 Ingenious Corner Decorating Ideas That Will Invigorate Your Home

It can be really hard to find good corner decorating ideas. Every house has that awkward corner that you just don’t know what do with.

We had a lot of corner spaces in our house especially in our living room or just on our first floor. So, I got a lot of practice trying to figure out how to decorate corners.

Here are my go-to corner decorating ideas to give you some inspiration for your home.

Try a plant stand

Not only can plants clean the air but also are beautiful, easy to use, decorating pieces. They can go with any decorating scheme. My husband built this simple plant stand that I absolutely love. All of the plants on it are from a plant subscription. I would get a new plant each month that I would plant in a pot with my kids as a fun activity. They also like to help water the plants.

corner decorating ideas

A cube storage organizer

These are amazing because they are so versatile. They come in like every color and size. I continually repurpose them all over the house. We used one in the corner near our front door. It was a great place to store kid books and toys for the living room. We could have used this corner for a place for shoes and hooks, but we never use our front door and always go through the garage. Therefore, it made the most sense to use this as effective toy storage.

I added the hanging plant and felt it really helped make the corner feel complete. Corners are actually great for hanging plants because then they don’t stick out from the wall but fit perfectly.

corner decorating ideas

Use a reading chair to make a cozy nook

I absolutely love oversized reading chairs because they add functionality and decor. We grabbed two for the awkward corners next to our fireplace. Not only do they look good but also really get used. You could try this idea in a corner in the living room or on the first floor.

corner decorating ideas

Consider a corner desk.

While we have an office in our basement, it was nice to have a desk on our first floor. I think a corner desk is one of the best corner decorating ideas for large corners. You can style it, so it is beautiful and keep the laptop in the drawer. I use it to do quick email replies, pay bills or check something quickly.

I love the functionality it adds to our first floor and how it keeps the bills, mail, and laptop off my kitchen counter.

A family computer station

You can use it as the family computer station. We use ours as the family computer center. It allows my kids to be on it with my help. I also can be doing something like making dinner while also helping with the computer.

corner decorating ideas

A kid art station or art easel

We built a simple kid art table. We use one of our awkward corners for it. I love it because it gives my kids somewhere to work besides the kitchen table. They can leave their projects out and come back to them. I am not constantly cleaning it up for meal times.

corner decorating ideas

Another corner decorating idea is to have a kid easel. One side is usually chalk and the other is paper. I love how it displays their last piece of artwork. We decorated the area around the easel with kid artwork.

corner decorating ideas

Buy a corner piece

We had a corner near our kitchen table that was too big to have nothing. It was also too small to be really utilized. I ended up buying a small corner piece. I considered buying a taller piece, but they were much more expensive. I gave the piece height by adding a tall plant on top of it. It provides some nice storage.

corner decorating ideas

A Tree Locker

You can buy these or build one, but a tree locker is a great way to utilize awkward corners near entryways. We built these in the hall to the garage door. They gave us so much more effective storage than just hooks on the wall.

Use the corner as a command center

We utilized the corner next to our door that couldn’t be really used for anything as a command center. If we had a bigger corner, I would have looked for a base cabinet that could be used to store more in a command center.

For ours, we did mail holders and dry erase boards. It was a great place to keep a list going or write down a quick note. We put a bigger dry erase board at the bottom and covered it with magnetics for kid play.

In this picture you can also see that we used the corner at the end of our kitchen cabinet for another kid table as a snack table. They really like having snacks there. I also use the table for things like playdoh or other messy play.

corner decorating ideas

Add a Tree

By now you can probably tell I am a big fan of plants, but they are really good corner decorating ideas. If you have a very small awkward corner that need something, I recommend grabbing a tree plant. We bought this mass cane and it is super easy to keep alive. I forget about it all the time.

corner decorating ideas

Corner Decorating Ideas

Finding the right decor for a corner can be very tricky. My go to for decor that works in every corner is plants since you can get anything from a tree plant to a plant on a shelf or even a hanging plant.

For me, I like to add functionality to awkward corners. You can buy a shelf, corner piece or cubical organizer to add extra storage. You can add a workspace for your or your kids by using a corner desk. You can create a kid station with an easel or kid table. Consider using corners near entryways as places for a tree locker or a command center. Lastly, try turning a corner into a great place to sit with a cozy chair.

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Corner Decorating Ideas

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