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15 Jaw-Dropping Beauty Hacks for Radiant Hair, Flawless Skin, and Strong Nails

Between school runs, meal preps, work deadlines, and trying to squeeze in five minutes of peace and quiet (good luck with that), I’m elated if I get a shower in. Seriously, who’s got time for elaborate beauty routines? Time and necessity have taught me to value quality over quantity and that good advice can be worth its weight in gold.  Looking and feeling good doesn’t have to be another chore on your never-ending list. All you really need is beauty tips and tricks that are easy to incorporate into your jam-packed life. Ready to show off your natural beauty without adding stress to your day? Let’s get started on these realistic ways to say goodbye to bad hair days, dull skin, and brittle nails, and hello to your most radiant self.

The One Secret to Gorgeous Hair

Oh, the struggles of maintaining gorgeous hair while juggling the chaos of mom life! After the baby years, I’d had it with messy buns. I wanted my hair to look good without spending hours on it in the morning. My first tip is to tell your hairdresser to cut your hair so it styles itself. The next big thing that was life-changing for me was investing in a  steam straightener. It heats up fast, strengthens the curliest hair, doesn’t destroy my hair and the style lasts until I wash it again.

After that, all I needed were hair serums. It’s time to embrace the power of hair serums! These magical elixirs work wonders in nourishing your locks, taming frizz, and adding a radiant shine. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair! Seriously a use drops and on most days it would take my hair from bedhead to looking like I put in a lot of effort. 

Action item: Invest in a quality hair serum like the Aloe Vera Hair Serum, and watch your hair transform into a luscious mane.

Say Goodbye to Dull Skin

Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing lackluster skin staring back at you? It’s time to unleash your radiance! The secret lies in exfoliation. Yes, you heard me right! Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and reveals a glowing complexion. Get ready to say goodbye to dullness and hello to vibrant, youthful skin. However, it is SO important to pick a good product here. Your skin is delicate and if you aren’t using the right products you could damage your skin. 

Action item: Incorporate a gentle exfoliating product like Paula Choice Skin Perfecting Face Exfoliant into your weekly skincare routine, and let your radiance shine through.

The Surprising Solution to Brittle Nails

As moms, our nails often bear the brunt of our daily activities—washing dishes, tying shoelaces, you name it. My nails were a disaster and honestly, no product I put on them helped. I had no idea that low iron levels wreak havoc on nails. I always hear about biotin as the holy grail of nail vitamins. Once, I switched my supplements around and added in iron. My nails looked so much healthier and quit breaking.  

Action item: Since iron needs to be taken with vitamin C, I highly recommend trying MegaFood Blood Builder, to give your nails that extra needed boost.

The Beauty Elixir You Need

Ladies, let’s talk about the ultimate beauty elixir that will leave your skin glowing like never before. Drumroll, please… It’s facial oils! Don’t let the word “oil” scare you. These won’t make you break out. These luxurious potions work wonders in hydrating your skin, smoothing fine lines, and restoring that youthful radiance. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and hello to a luminous complexion.

Action item: Choose a facial oil like the Ancient Greek Remedy or Bio Oil, packed with nourishing ingredients, and let your skin soak in the magic.

Time to Ditch the Foundation

Foundation can be a mom’s best friend when it comes to hiding imperfections, but let’s be honest—it can feel heavy and mask-like. It also does nothing for the skin other than conceal. In order to achieve flawless skin without the weight of foundation, you need tinted moisturizers! These lightweight wonders provide sheer coverage, moisturizer, even out your skin tone, and offer a natural-looking finish.

Action item: Swap your foundation for a lightweight tinted moisturizer like EltaMED UV Daily Tinted Sunscreen, and let your skin breathe while still looking flawless. If you really want a foundation, then go for Bobbi Brown Weightless Foundation, which has good coverage while still being very moisturizing. 

Your New Best Friend for Amazing Hair

Ladies, are you ready to unleash the power of luscious, amazing hair? Then it’s time to embrace the magic of dry shampoo! Yes, you heard me right—dry shampoo is a mom’s secret weapon for refreshing your hair, adding volume, and extending that coveted “good hair day.” Say goodbye to greasy locks and hello to effortlessly fabulous hair. My go-to morning hair routine is to straighten my hair with my steam straightener (seriously life-changing) and then use dry shampoo. It gives it perfect volume.

Action item: Keep a trusty dry shampoo like the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day in your beauty arsenal and say hello to the ultimate hair refreshment.

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Miracle

You really only need to be using one ingredient regularly and it’s retinol—the superhero ingredient that fights wrinkles, evens out skin tone, and restores that youthful glow. Say goodbye to fine lines and hello to a more youthful complexion. Be religious about the application and invest in a good quality product. Also never put it on with vitamin C as they inactive each other. 

My best advice is to use this all year except in summer. You must (and already should be) wearing sunscreen. Retinol can make your skin sensitive to UV and then can more easily damage in the sun. 

Action item: Introduce a retinol-infused serum into your nighttime skincare routine, and let this miracle worker do its magic while you catch some beauty sleep. My go-to product is the Ordinary Retinol 1% because my skin loves it and its really well priced. 

What Your Hair is Missing

Moms, let’s talk about hair goals. We all want luscious, healthy hair, which means it needs TLC from time to time. It’s time to embrace the power of hair masks! These deep conditioning treatments nourish and repair your hair, leaving it silky, shiny, and absolutely fabulous. I love to take a bath once a week. Instead of just taking a bath, I coat my hair in my favorite deep conditioner and then end my bath with a shower to rinse it out. 

Action item: Treat your tresses to a weekly hair mask session to get insanely gorgeous locks. My go-to is Moroccan Oil Hair Masks. They also have temporary color depositing masks that are amazing for covering greys. 

The Secret to Effortless Beauty

As busy moms, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our beauty routines without sacrificing our looks. Well, get ready for a game-changer, ladies. The secret to effortless beauty lies in multi-purpose products! These versatile wonders save you time, money, and precious bathroom counter space. From cheek and lip stains to color sticks that work on eyes, lips, and cheeks, these products are your ticket to looking fabulous in a flash. These are also great to keep on you to freshen up your look throughout the day.

Action item: Invest in a multi-purpose product like the Honest Beauty 2 in 1 Creme Cheek Blush + Lip Color (my absolute favorite go-to) to simplify your beauty routine and achieve that natural, effortless beauty.

The Must-Have Skincare Product for Busy Moms

Let’s face it, moms—we’re always on the go, and sometimes our skincare routine suffers as a result. But fear not, for I have a must-have product that will revolutionize your skincare game—sheet masks! These convenient, single-use masks are soaked in nourishing serums that provide an instant boost of hydration, rejuvenation, and glow to your skin. I love keeping these on me and use them when I have some time between activities. 

Action item: Incorporate a sheet mask with collagen and hyaluronic acid into your self-care routine once or twice a week, and indulge in a moment of relaxation while your skin soaks in the goodness.

Must Try Nail Strips, I’ll Never Go Back

Ladies, I have tried it all. Gel, dip, acrylic, polish. I have never found something I am 100% happy with. That is until my friend introduced me to dashing diva gel stickers. I was very skeptical at first because I didn’t think stickers could look good or stay on. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. They are inexpensive (less than $10), easy to apply (less than 10 minutes), they don’t damage my nails, last at least two weeks, and look AMAZING. I can not say enough about this product. It was literally life-changing. 

Action item: Try Dashing Diva Gloss Nail Strips and prepare to be amazed by the results!

The Skin-Saving Ingredient

Supermoms, get ready to unveil the power of a skin-saving ingredient—hyaluronic acid! This superhero compound holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it a hydration powerhouse. It plumps and smooths your skin, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves you with a supple, youthful complexion.

Action item: Incorporate a hyaluronic acid serum like the Ebanel Face maks into your skincare routine, and let your skin drink up the hydration.

The Lip Secret You Need to Know

Moms, let’s talk about lips—those beautiful pouts that deserve some extra love. Are you ready for a lip secret that will make your pout irresistible? Exfoliation is the key! Gently slough away dead skin cells with a homemade lip scrub made from sugar and honey, and follow it up with a nourishing lip balm.

Action item: Whip up a DIY lip scrub using sugar and honey, and apply a hydrating lip balm like the Bioderma for soft, kissable lips. The results are incredible. 

Preventative Care is Always the Best

The majority (over 90%) of skin aging is sun damage. It is the reason we not only get dark spots but also most lines and wrinkles. If you are serious about looking your best, then you need to be wearing sunblock daily. And I don’t just mean in the morning. Every few hours apply a layer.

I keep a sunblock stick in my purse so I can always put on a layer. Also remember that UV goes through windows so if you are driving or at the office, you are still damaging your skin without sunblock. Preventing the damage in the first place is the absolute best way to keep your skin youthful. 

Action item: Buy sunblock sticks, keep them on you, and incorporate them into your daily routine. My go-to is the Neutrogena Sunscreen Stick because it won’t leave any white streaks so I don’t need a mirror to apply it. 

The Little Beauty Tool with Big Results

Ladies, it’s time to discover the little beauty tool that will leave you in awe. Say hello to the jade roller! This small, handheld roller made of jade stone helps depuff your face, boost circulation, and enhance the absorption of skincare products. I was really skeptical at first but find this really does make a difference. The key is consistency. 

Action item: Incorporate a jade roller into your skincare routine and indulge in a relaxing facial massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Congratulations, fabulous moms! You’ve now discovered 15 game-changing beauty secrets that will help you transform your hair, skin, and nails. From harnessing the power of hair serums to trying out nail strips and investing in sunblock sticks, these tips and action items are sure to help you on your journey to becoming the best, most beautiful version of you. Remember, beauty is not just about looking good—it’s also about feeling good about yourself. So, embrace these tips and celebrate your unique beauty!

From hair serums to nail strips and investing in sunblock sticks, these tips and action items are sure to help you become the most beautiful version of you.

From hair serums to nail strips and investing in sunblock sticks, these tips and action items are sure to help you become the most beautiful version of you.

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